Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews

  • Delicious pizza! Excellent food! If you like New York style pizza it’s a MUST try! – Jacque Guidas Rivas

  • The place and the people are awesome…Even the customers we met were the nicest folks you’re going to meet. I wanted to take a picture of the coal fire oven and owner invited me back so I could get the photo I wanted. The wife and I definitely found a hidden gem… – Ken Thomas

  • My husband and I tried Genna’s on a recommendation from a New Yorker friend. Although, we are FL, there is a strong NY population that have strong opinions regarding pizza. Luckily for us, this was spot on. The pizza is amazing. Vicky, our server, took the time to walk us through all the options. Don’t miss the garlic knots! And, the dessert selection is outstanding. If you like NY style pizza, wood fire crisp pizza, or lots of other authentic Italian choices, don’t miss Genna Pizza! Company! –Martha C.

  • My Aunt and Uncle live in Melbourne, and they treated my (immediate) family and I to Genna Pizza Company when we were visiting them last week, as they said it was recently named the best pizza place in Melbourne. After eating several slices of cheese pizza and multiple garlic knots from here, I must say that Genna Pizza Company is certainly worthy of this title! The pizza was absolutely delicious, and the garlic knots were fantastic. Everyone in my party enjoyed their meal! The pizzas came in huge portions too— what they consider a medium size pizza is slightly larger than the average large size pizza available in Ohio! Truly excellent food! -Olivia Young

  • Went there last night…WOW. The best pizza I have had, and I’m half Sicilian so I’ve had a few pizzas. The staff was great and the owner is a wonderful guy. If you’re in the area go try their pizza. -Russ Sandors

  • Always great food and always great service! I must say that was the best eggplant parmesan I’ve ever had! and I have lunch and dinner for tomorrow. lol. -Kimberly Anderson

  • Amazing place and food!! Highly recommend for everyone to try..but only if you expect nothing less than the best!! -Shaylene Brannen

  • This is my second time coming to this place to eat for lunch. The customer service and the food is over the top. Great atmosphere and great people. Love a place when you walk in, it’s so comfortable and professional. -Feleisha Pollard

  • Very good pizza. We always thought NY style was chewy end to end but have learned that there is also a chewy pizza with it crispy towards the crust. This is what Genna has. Lots of cheese: great gooey cheese! -Michael Woody

  • Fantastic pizza. Great service. Good prices. It’s real NY pizza and only the best cheese and fresh ingredients. -Christina Lecun

  • Always great food and friendly people.

  • Cozy atmosphere · Large menu · Great food · Large portions · Cheap eats · Hip atmosphere -Christine Pritchard

  • They are a huge supporter of the Eau Gallie Band!! Food is exceptional! -Rochelle Griffin

  • Wow, the college where I teach, Eastern Florida State College Melbourne campus now offers this pizza at our new student union building. I can hardly believe that I have never tried this pizza in the past. It is phenomenal!!! I am a native NYC gal and therefore very picky about pizza. Nevertheless, I have now concluded that this pizza is the best one in Brevard County. This is now my new goto place for lunch. I am delighted to have discovered this restaurant. -Nelly Cardinale

  • Best pizza we’ve had in Florida. Great service. Calling ahead next time for the Chicago style deep dish…can’t wait. -Jim Kifer

  • Genna Pizza catered to our needs for our son’s birthday party. Everyone enjoyed the food and their customer service from the ordering process down to delivery was exceptionally great. Thank you! -Tiffany Brophy

  • We had a calzone and Stromboli for dinner this weekend. The dough was so fresh and crispy, they were awesome! The Caesar salad was good size and fresh. Will definitely be back. -Kari Watkins

  • Excellent pizza and the only place I have found that has a great tasting gluten-free pizza. -Robert Gibbs

  • Dropped in on Genna Pizza Company with a party of 12 tonight including 5 kids. (I had a friend house hunting in the area.) Glenna Pizza seamlessly delivered delicious, I mean absolutely delicious food in an efficient manner! They were able to accommodate separate checks for our 3 families. It’s nice to have a local restaurant with fresh ingredients and good consistent service that is usually associated with a chain. They never missed a beat and they were also simultaneously hosting 2 other large parties and numerous to-go orders. Way to go! -Kiristin Eggett

  • The pizza is always great, with a perfect crust. Nice people who are very considerate. Their 24 inch pizza is awesome for get-togethers. Definitely the best pizza in Melbourne. -Ken Tichy

  • Genna Pizza Company – ABSOLUTE delicious pizza! We had the Manhattan Pizza, perfect blend of sweet and spice! No processed pizza here, everything fresh and real! -Kathy Marler

  • Not only does Genna have AMAZINGLY delicious pizza, they also have a very caring and generous owner. On a regular basis, Charlie supports the elementary school my daughter attends. He supported our community during hurricane Irma by remaining open when all others were not. Instead of Ramen and Spam, we were enjoying Genna Pizza! And then to top it off, tonight Charlie corrected a misunderstanding with my order by going over and above what would ordinarily be expected. Your kindness was appreciated!! I cannot speak highly enough about Genna Pizza! -Tara Downs

  • Yes go and try!!!!!! We moved from NY 3 years ago and left good pizza behind. We have tried pizza places all over the area ( The family was getting NY pizza withdraw/depression)and have found NY pizza in Viera! This place is the real deal! Our new favorite place. And we had the pleasure of meeting the owner ( who made 7 pizzas while we waited) and this is one hard-working owner. What a gentleman. Best of luck and can’t wait to wake up and have leftovers! Can’t say enough about the pizza. If you wonder what the best NY ( not that sweet sauce Florida stuff) go one time and you will taste GREAT pizza and sauce. ( your mom would be proud of your sauce) -David Palladino

  • Best pizza in town and not even close. If you have not tried them yet, give them a shot and you will see what you have been missing! -JT Joseph

  • Omg! This coal-fired pizza is freaking amazing! I think I have a new favorite! ?
    For over 10 years…we always ordered their New York style pizza, which is by far…the best in Brevard County!
    I absolutely love both! Great food…amazing service! -Crystal Erwin

  • The place and the people are awesome…Even the customers we met were the nicest folks you’re going to meet. I wanted to take a picture of the coal fire oven and owner invited me back so I could get the photo I wanted. The wife and I definitely found a hidden gem… -Ken Thomas

  • Genna’s is our FAVORITE pizza place! Not only do they have GREAT food, they always greet you as you come in the door with a smile and a hello. Charlie happily makes accommodations & caters to my dietary needs so I can enjoy their delicious food without worrying. And, their customer service tonight truly exceeded my expectations. It was pouring down rain as well as thundering & lightning as we were leaving, and the waitress quickly grabbed an umbrella and followed my son to the car so he wouldn’t get soaking wet. What staff at other places around here would do that?! I was thoroughly impressed and very pleased my family was treated above & beyond normal customer service. Great job! -Renee Couperthwaite

  • The absolute best pie I’ve had in years!! Great staff given our current predicament!! I would highly recommend you try this place. Can’t wait to go back. –Tom Gerber

  • We usually order pizza delivery but picked up meals tonight. SO Good! Super fresh, garlic knots are amazing! Totally worth the wait and priced right! We’ll be back! –Lisa Taylor

  • Genna’s Pizza, is simply The Best!
    Their Salads, so fresh, everything is Terrific, but their Chicago Deep Dish pizza is to die for. For this heavy-duty delicious pizza, if you order the whole pie, keep in mind that it takes 1 hour to make. It’s huge and tastes like heaven. The staff is very nice, and they have delivery. –Lucinda Mora

  • Absolutely delicious Chicago deep-dish pizza. Must weigh 20 pounds.
    Three of us split one the other night, three hungry people (2 men)
    We could only eat one piece per person. Full of cheese and pepperoni, meatball, sausage and loads of great tomato sauce.
    My all-time, favorite pizza of all time Is Gino’s in Chicago.
    This rivals my favorite. Expensive only till you lift eat it. We could only finish less than half. Could easily feed 6. –Jack Larson

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  • Best pizza in town. Lots of other great options on the menu. Very friendly staff. Great with catering.
    Cosy atmosphere · Large portions · Great food · Child-friendly –Daniel Wheeler

  • I am a lifelong resident of Long Island. I found Genna Pizza Co. to have the best pizza outside of New York. The service is excellent the food is great and the choices are numerous. Prices are reasonable. On weekends, it’s hard to get a table because of the people waiting to get in. They offer pizza and a number of dishes. I would recommend the 14” pie called NY pizza which is garnished with fresh mozzarella, ricotta sausage, pepperoni, and salami. The crust is thin the sauce is flavorful and toppings are fresh. I would recommend this restaurant and plan to return when we come back to Melbourne. –Anthony Sorice

  • LOVED this pizza. Being from Chicago I don’t expect much at local pizza places. This pizza was great!! We will be back again and again. Andrew was our server and he was a pleasure and so much fun. I’d say ask for him but if he’s there you’ll know. Dinner tonight was a GREAT experience. –Gail Hughes

  • 5 star!! I’ve been here a couple of times and food is always on point and service is stellar. Tonight, I brought a big group and it was prime rib night… Some of the best prime rib I’ve ever had! Just make sure you save room for dessert or at least room in your refrigerator to take some home because they are all homemade and out of this world! –Jerry Frulio

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  • I placed a large take out order for a family dinner yesterday and they didn’t disappoint. Their veggie pizza and chicken alfredo pasta were so good!! Although the wait was about an hour I understand they’re always crazy busy and it was definitely worth it. Also, their garlic knots are like no other. Will be back again 🙂 –Alana M.

  • Excellent pepperoni & onion pizza! So much pepperoni but not even a little bit greasy. Cornmeal dusting in the bottom made it nice & crispy!! The cannoli was sooo good too! Thank you for finally making our take-out pizza an easy choice!!! -Kelly C

  • Wow!!! What an incredible experience this evening. Can’t believe we have lived here 9 years & never tried Genna’s….our loss. From the moment we called in order & spoke to Ashley, Donna who was managing curbside deliveries and the person who we picked up the order from, it was clear customer satisfaction is a priority. Now to the food…all we can say is Fabulous!! Haven’t had pizza like this anywhere. We ordered antipasto & greek salads, stuffed meat lovers pizza, veggie lovers pizza with spinach, carrot cake & cannoli. Yes, we were hungry! The pizzas were hot, extremely generous with toppings, included extra marinara sauce and salads were fresh & cold. All topping are fresh, cheeses meld into the toppings and flavor is in every bite. The crusts were coal fired with just the right amount of crispness…not doughy or burnt. Our desserts are in the fridge but they look amazing. Can’t wait to go back and try more of their menu. –Laurie W.

  • I went back yesterday and ordered a 14″ Genna Special Coal Fired pizza ($18.25). It was excellent as usual. The toppings were stacked high and the crust was crispy and chewy. I ate half and took the other half home for a leftover treat. I also ordered a fountain drink ($2) with free refills. They even gave me a refill to take home! They really treat people right at Genna’s and serve up excellent pizza. This is as good as it gets. Service is fast and friendly. Bathrooms are clean and spotless. –Michael S.

  • My husband and I went for lunch and the staff is tremendous and so friendly and welcoming!!! The food is fantastic! We made our own pizza and it was by far the best we have had in Brevard!! The crust is favorable and light! The ingredients are fresh and sheer perfection!!! Do not miss this place! -Lynn

  • I have been here several times and loved every meal! Tonight, I am getting a Margarita Old World Pizza 14”. The smells are fantastic even before you get into the restaurant! Those smells come from the wood-fired pizza oven! Everybody is super nice and you are treated like family! When you order wine by the glass you get a full glass of wine! The portions are so big I usually take food home! If you want a place to take your family Genna Pizza Company is the place! I come from New Jersey and know what great pizza tastes like! You will not get better pizza here locally! I will come back over and over! It is that good! –Glen B.